What are the pros and cons for using cstheory.stackexchange.com for this?

BlogWhat are the pros and cons for using cstheory.stackexchange.com for this?
Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen Staff asked 2 years ago

Computability is welcome there under its own tag. The same is said of MathOverflow.net. However there may be reasons to have a page devoted to computability q&a within computability.org.

Damir Dzhafarov Staff replied 2 years ago

Since you’re an admin there, do you have a sense of how many computability theorists are active on cstheory.stackexchange.com?

Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen Staff replied 2 years ago

Not many… yet 🙂

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Damir Dzhafarov Staff answered 2 years ago

Our hope was that this could serve some kind of dual role, both as a forum in the style of Stack Exchange, and as a more flexible version of Andre’s logic blog. For example, my impression is that cstheory.stackexchange.com would not be suitable for, say, research announcements, or general lists of open questions that might not have any solutions anytime soon. Perhaps even for Q&A there are some advantages, in that some people who do not frequent Stack Exchange sites might nonetheless be interested in contributing here. Of course, the user base on Stack Exchange is much larger, so if someone is after a quick response to something that is known they will likely have better luck there. Anyway, it seems to me there is a place for a page like this in a community as large as ours, but time will tell whether it takes off.