This website is intended as a resource for the computability theory community, to better facilitate connections between its members, and to collect useful information in a central and easily accessible location.

The domain name computability.org can be used by any member of the community. Redirects to an external site, e.g., a conference webpage or a personal homepage, can be set up in the form yoursite.computability.org or computability.org/yoursite.


Contributions of information relevant to the computability theory community are welcome, particularly announcements of conferences, job postings, grant opportunities, etc. Other suggestions for improvement, as well as updates about any information already posted, are also encouraged. All may be emailed to contact@computability.org.


The purposes of the blog is to provide a forum for individuals to post and discuss questions, sketches of ideas, and announcements of mathematical results, particularly those that do not yet appear in paper form. The format is similar to Stack Exchange.


To become an active member on this site, e.g., to be able to contribute to the blog, or to make a WordPress page for a conference, please email register@computability.org to obtain login information.

Credits and Acknowledgments

This website was created by Damir Dzhafarov and Ludovic Patey. Funding for the project was provided in part by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut, which also hosts the site. Additional funding was provided by the Simons Foundation.