Zoo Viewer


The Zoo Viewer is an interactive visualizer for various menageries/zoos arising in computability theory, including the computability menagerie and the reverse mathematics zoo. Its goal is to make it easier to see known results and open questions, and thus hopefully to serve as a useful tool to researchers in the field.


This project began with the computability diagram by Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen. Joe Miller developed the computability menagerie, a command line tool for viewing a subset of the computability diagram and extracting open questions. Mushfeq Khan created an interactive visualizer for the computability menagerie. Damir Dzhafarov modified the command line tool to create a reverse mathematics zoo, which was later updated and improved by Eric Astor. Joe Miller and Ludovic Patey designed the interactive front-end here.


Many people have helped with the various zoos, by commenting on the code, contributing facts, suggesting new features, or just expressing their interest. Thanks in particular to David Belanger, Peter Cholak, Stephen Flood, Denis Hirschfeldt, Steffen Lempp, Antonio Montalbán, Carl Mummert, Sam Sanders, Mariya Soskova and Ted Slaman.