Equivalences, Numberings, Reducibilities Workshop – June 16-18, 2021

From Nikolay Bazhenov.


We are glad to announce

Equivalences, Numberings, Reducibilities
June 16-18, 2021
a satellite workshop of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (www.8ecm.si/). The workshop is hosted by University of Udine but, due to the ongoing restrictions against Covid-19, it will be held online through Zoom.
* Invited speakers * include 
Uri Andrews
Serikzhan Badaev
Marat Faizrakhmanov
Ekaterina Fokina
Su Gao
Sergey Goncharov
Noam Greenberg
Julia Knight
Russell Miller
André Nies
Andrea Sorbi

* Registration *
To participate in the workshop, please fill this form:
* Contact and further informations *
Webpage of the workshop: equinumred-8ecm.uniud.it
Please direct all inquiries to: Luca San Mauro, luca.sanmauro@gmail.com

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