Logic Colloquium 2020

Logic Colloquium 2020
Call for Papers
July 13-18, 2020, Poznań, Poland
* The Logic Colloquium is the European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, which in 2020 will be
held from 13th to 18th of July at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland. It is organized jointly by the
AMU Faculties: of Psychology and Cognitive Science and of Mathematics and Computer Science.
* Registration is now open.
* Important dates:
– March 31st, 2020 deadline for abstract submission
– April 13th, 2020 deadline for student travel awards applications
– April 30th, 2020 notifications
– May 25th, 2020 camera-ready abstracts due
– June 13th, 2020 early payments deadline
– July 7th, 2020 late payments deadline
* Goedel Lecture: Elisabeth Bouscaren (CNRS – Université Paris-Sud)
* Tutorial Speakers: Krzysztof Krupiński (University of Wrocław), Andrew Marks (University of California Los Angeles)
* Plenary Speakers: Linda Westrick (Pennsylvania State University), Benoit Monin (Créteil University), Noam Greenberg
(Victoria University of Wellington), Vera Fischer (University of Viena), Luca Motto Ros (University of Turin),
Elaine Pimentel (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University),
Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam), Ryan Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
Artem Chernikov (University of California Los Angeles)
* Detailed information can be found on the webpage.

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