non-tenure track positions for logicians in Nanjing University

There are also several non-tenure track research positions available (特聘助理研究员) for logicians in Nanjing University. The fixed salary are CNY200,000 (before tax) per year.  I also can pay some additional compensation (up to CNY40,000), depending on the strength of the applicants.  It is a two-year long position. After that, the applicant shall be reviewed by the committee of the department to decide whether the position will be extended or a tenured associate professorship will be offered. Since it is not a regular job, many benefits for the faculty having a regular position are not available. For example, it is not guaranteed that your children can be enrolled into the kindergarten affiliated by the university. You may also have to find an apartment by yourself etc.

If you are interested in the position, please send a copy of your cv to me no later than 10 September. 2020.

Best regards,

Liang Yu

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