Tenure-track position at Grinnell College

From Joe Mileti (miletijo@grinnell.edu)

Grinnell College is hiring tenure-track in mathematics.  We have two positions, and we are interested in applicants with research interests in any area of mathematics (pure or applied).  Many of you work with graduate students and postdocs, and might know of strong candidates who are interested in working at a top, small, liberal arts college.  If you know anyone who wants a job teaching excellent, engaged, and diverse students, while maintaining a modest research career, please encourage them to apply.

Our ad is posted on mathjobs.org, but the application actually happens through Grinnell’s own webpage:
Mathjobs link: https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/list/18046
Grinnell application portal:  jobs.grinnell.edu/postings/3871

I would be happy to answer questions anyone may have.

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