The third youth forum of Nanjing University

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This is actually a positions advertisement. There are at least two-four  positions available  in Nanjing University for mathematical logicians. Mathematical logic has a long history in the mathematical department. The logic group in Nanjing University was one of the biggest in China in 1980's. Now the department is convinced to expand the group significantly. 

Participants of the youth forum are encouraged to apply the so called “youth-thousand-talent program”. Once  the funding from the program is approved, a fairly luxury position will be offered. Here is the offer for a youth-thousand-talent program member in Nanjing university:

1, An associate or full professorship with tenure.
2, Salary is at least CNY 400,000 per year.
3, A funding about CNY 2 million ,
4, An apartment about 140 meter square with price CNY 14000/m^2 (the market price is about CNY 35000/m^2)
5. Various supports for your family such as very good kindergarten, primary school and middle school near the campus.

For the people failed to get the funding, there may still some good
positions available. It mainly depends on the research background of the

We prefer young people (not above 35) working in set theory, recursion theory or model theory.

Please also circulate this message to other people. Thanks.



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